A helpful illustrated guide to deck staining

Since decks encounter a lot of foot traffic, we recommend using stain not paint on decks.  PPG’s top of the line stain is ProLuxe (formerly Sikkens) and comes in a transparent, semitransparent, or solid finish.  It is necessary to clean your deck before applying stain as dirty wood will alter the color of the stain.

Pick a type of paint that provides a natural finish. A thick coating of oil-based paint helps you fill in cracks and gaps on your deck surface, creating a high-quality aesthetic. However, oil-based paints absorb UV rays from the sun, which means you need to apply a new coat to your deck every year so it is not the ideal option.

Don’t paint your deck if it’s recently been oiled, either. The paint won’t stick to the surface, no matter how hard you try. You’ll need to use a paint remover to get rid of the oil first, and then sand the wood before you apply a new coat.

Acrylic paint is a better option. It has a protective UV-resistant film, so it requires less maintenance than oil paint. Acrylic paint works great on all types of wood decks — from lumber to cedar to redwood — and if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wait for a couple of days for your deck to dry before you apply the second coat, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Clean up is a breeze when using acrylic paint, too. You won’t need any solvents, but just good old soap and water.

A type of paint with acrylic latex resins expands and contracts in different temperatures. However, the latex binder in the paint prevents it from cracking in hot and humid weather. The result is a better, longer-lasting paint finish for your deck. Acrylic paint is also mildew-resistant, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

You need to use a good primer before you apply acrylic paint to your deck. That’s because wood is susceptible to “bleeding,” a process where the surface of the deck becomes stained and blotchy because of water damage.

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