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We are helping the environment in our present day which means a great deal given the current climate changes and other natural disasters that seem to be more recurrent with each passing year. Our goal is to leave this world better than we came into it and as our company grows, we will be looking to organize events to improve and contribute to our local communities. You will be getting the most professional, friendly, and quality painters in the businessĀ along with the dedication to improving the space we share here onĀ Earth..

We will be working with the foundation, onetreeplanted.org. With ever increasing deforestation, wildfires, climate change, mining, and other contributing factors to the decline of our forests and rainforests, we are aware of how desperate the situation is. In 2018, California lost an area of 1,893,913 acres of trees from wildfires. The Amazon is being hugely effected, in not only 2018, but also the present day of 2019. They need our help!! We will be taking profits from every job we complete and donating to this great fund, which covers various countries across the globe! $20.00 gets 20 trees planted! Together we can and will make a huge, positive impact. Depending on the size of your project reflects the size of the contribution we make. All paperwork concerning your contribution will be forwarded to you.

You will be meeting Ken Dansereau, the proud owner of Happy Trees Painting, at a previously discussed time. There, Ken will walk you through the appropriate steps for your project. He will answer any questions you have and go over the products that we use to get the job done!

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