Interior and Exterior painting services

Power washing

This is the first step in the painting process for the exterior of your home. We remove all mildew and dirt to ensure maximum adhesion of the products we apply.

Deck staining

YES we do decks! From Mahogany to Pine, we know the correct way to make it look it's best, while ensuring it is protected from the elements.

Varnish refinishing

We really love bringing back the natural, beautiful finishes to wood. Depending on the condition, we chemically strip off old varnish, sand everything down to bare wood, and apply a minimum of 5 coats of varnish for UV protection which is the #1 reason varnish fails!

"Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles" -Steve Jobs

Exterior painting

We can do any exterior project in a neat and timely fashion! Spray, brush, or roll we can help pick out what products are appropriate for your project and the best way for us to apply them.

Interior painting

We do all aspects of interior painting from ceilings to walls and trim. We also do interior spray finishes! Whatever look you're going for, we can provide it here. We love animals, kids, and family and we take great pride in customer service so it's easy for us to work around your schedule!

New construction

Are you building a new home or are you a Contractor looking for a reliable painting company that has the quality experience in this field? LOOK NO FURTHER! We know the correct processes to complete the painting portion of your project. We can also provide a detailed bid and help you with product selection!

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