painting exterior a helpful illustrated guide

Paint works to protect whatever lies under its surface, and maintaing a quality paint job on your commercial exterior will ensure that your investment is protected. At Happy Trees Painting, our experts have more than 30 years experience in commercial and residential painting services throughout Rhode Island and Connecticut. We know what it takes to best protect your investment. Today, let’s look at How To Paint Exterior Trim:

Work from the top down: One of the best ways to ensure a headache-free DIY project is to plan carefully beforehand. Starting from the top of the exterior and working down allows you to move efficiently through the trim, and gives you a chance to clean up messes that gravity is sure to provide.

Scrape away any extra paint: Scrape any loose paint from the surface of your trim. It’s important to start out with a clean and clear surface. If you’re also working on painting and cleaning gutters on your exterior, use a wire brush to remove downspouts made from galvanized metal.

Sand out to smooth areas: Ensure that all the loose paint is removed from your trim. This can include old paint drips from a sloppy job done years earlier.

Caulk any gaps: Check your sanded trim – are there any gaps in the wood? Wipe any dust and dirt from the surface, and then use a caulking gun to fill the gap in the trim. Ensure that the caulk leaves a clean seal on the wood, and wait for it to dry.

Apply a primer coat: Choose a primer similar to the final coat. Don’t skip this step – it’s an important part of the process. If you’re having trouble choosing a color for the exterior trim, don’t forget that Happy Trees Painting offers color consultations with its contracts.

Paint the final coat: It’s a common misconception that only small brushes can be used when painting trim. Try a small roller, and save the brush for the area closest to the edge.

Painting your exterior’s trim requires patience and diligence – it’s not a one step project, but something that needs proper planning, materials and commitment. If you’re not up for a long day of DIY, give Happy Trees Painting a call to learn  (401-297-6200) for more about our services.

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